What Does Transloading Mean For My Business?

Warehousing and transloading services offer your business the flexibility to grow and become even more profitable. Houff Corporation’s ability to transload and warehouse your bulk liquid and dry ingredients at competitive rates means you do not have to handle the logistic of shipping and warehousing your product, saving you time and money.

How Should I Ship My Product?

Houff Corporation will take care of all of your bulk liquid and dry incredient’s shipping needs. We are proud to be located adjacent to two rail lines in Weyers Cave and Doswell, Virginia and we have over 7,000 feet of our own personal track. Our two shortlines connect to the CSX and Norfolk Southern, ensuring competitive rates for your rail shipping. Our sister company, IDM Trucking, gives us the option to ship your product via truck. Our convenient location right off of Interstate 81 means we are situated close to major East Coast highways, allowing us to bring your product directly into the Shenandoah Valley with ease. Best of all, Houff Corporation will schedule and manage the transportation of your product so that you don’t have to.

Where Can I Store My Product After It Comes In?

Houff Corporation is located on 65 acres in Weyers Cave, Virginia. We have the ability to warehouse your liquid, bulk dry or packaged goods in the conditions that are ideal for your product. We have over 150,000 square feet of storage space and can stockpile 55,000 tons of dry goods and 800,000 gallons of liquid goods. Best of all, we can expand based on your needs.

Why Should I Choose Houff Corporation?

Houff Corporation started on the Houff family dairy farm in the early 1970’s. We started offering custom liquid fertilizer application in the Shenandoah Valley. Since then we’ve expanded our range of services to include transloading, warehousing, and third party logistics. This expansion happened organically; each service created the need and ability to offer the next. Best of all, Houff Corporation is still a family and employee owned business so each member of our team is personally invested in your experience

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