More than just a Job

At Houff corporation, our mission is to enrich the lives of our employees through meaningful work. In pursuit of this goal we seek to place people in roles where they can use their unique skills to succeed. Our diverse operations offer a wide range of positions and provide employees with variety in their work through labor sharing. As our company continues to grow, we also offer opportunities for employees to advance their careers.

Employee Ownership

Houff Corporation is currently owned 49% by employees. Every year employees are given an allocation of company stock which increases in value as the company grows. This vested interest in the company unites employees under our common goals and has led many to spend their careers here.


In addition to our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Houff Corporation offers a 25% 401k match. Together these two plans can help you meet your meet your goals for a comfortable retirement. While working for Houff Corporation, employees also enjoy company provided health insurance, paid time off, and paid holidays. Contact us to learn more about the rest of the rest of our benefits.

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