Houff Corporation Supplies High Quality Fertilizer To Area Farms.

Houff Corporation understands the importance of high quality fertilizer in growing strong and vibrant crops. Our comprehensive crop management and nutrient management professionals ensure the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer is planned prior to application. We are professional applicators of both liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer, and have the equipment necessary to apply both options to your fields. By reducing soil compaction, our custom applicators minimize damage to your crops. Multiple tire sizes allow us to accommodate different soil conditions.

Hose To Spray Fertilizer

Nourish Your Crops With Custom Fertilizer Application.

Houff Corporation provides custom application and prescriptive blends of both liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer. Our high flotation applicators provide full coverage without using excess product. This precision approach saves you time and money and minimizes impact to the environment. The team at Houff has the experience necessary to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Trust Professional Farmers With Your Fertilizer Needs.

Houff Corporation was founded out of the local, family farm. Over four decades ago, the Houff family started using custom equipment to apply fertilizer to their fields. They quickly recognized that other local farms would have the same needs and began offering custom fertilizer application in the Shenandoah Valley. Since then, their range of services has expanded from full service agronomy to third party logistics, but the mission remains the same: to operate with honesty and integrity in providing quality service and products in our community.

Reliable Service Delivered With Integrity.

Houff Corporation is proud of our 40 plus years doing business in the Shenandoah Valley. We have developed and continue to build strong relationships with local farmers and have expanded our portfolio of services to include transloading and third party logistics. Our early embrace of the application of biosolids exhibits our dedication to embracing greener techniques in progressive farming.

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