Maximize Yield With Comprehensive Crop Management.

The agricultural industry becomes more technologically advanced each year. Comprehensive crop management can help! The experts at Houff Corporation keep up with the newest technology and products to help you grow and harvest successful crops. Our team is dedicated to the success of our community. The Shenandoah Valley is dependent upon successful farms and their subsequent services. From agronomy to biosolids, our services add value to what we offer as part of our Comprehensive Crop Management program.

Comprehensive Crop Management Gives You Peace Of Mind.

Our program is designed to help farmers manage and grow their businesses. Our Certified Nutrient Management Planners and Certified Crop Advisors are experienced and educated in multiple fields, including soil sciences, seed treatment, and pest management. After sampling your soil for nutrient needs, our field representatives map your farm with GIS technology. Using this information, our comprehensive crop managers discuss the crops you wish to grow and formulate a tactical plan. This plan takes into consideration the type of plant and the traits you require. Whether it’s drought or corn borer resistance, our plan accommodates your land and your needs.

You Make The Decisions, But We Do The Work.

Whether you create your own master plan or we help you formulate a plan for the coming year, we work with you to increase your yields. If you use our comprehensive crop management service, we record and compile data year-to-year that provides valuable information for next year’s planning. Tell us where you want your liquid or dry fertilizer applied and we will schedule the work for the appropriate time for the specific crop.

We Serve Our Clients With Honesty And Integrity.

At Houff Corporation, our mission is to provide quality service and care to agribusinesses in our community. Our strong work ethic means that we work tirelessly to help local farmers plan, plant, and grow successful crops in the Shenandoah Valley. We have the infrastructure necessary to provide the services you need to be successful.

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For Comprehensive Crop Management?