Protect Your Investment with Ammonia Control.

Ammonia controls is important because poultry houses form an integral part of the economy of the Shenandoah Valley. Their maintenance is highly important to supporting a vibrant community. Heating poultry houses is critical in keeping birds healthy and thriving. These tightly built houses maximize insulation, but minimize ventilation which leads to an increase in ammonia levels. The management of ammonia levels with acid-alum protects your birds’ health and your financial investment. At Houff Corporation, we use industry-leading technologies and products in our clients’ poultry houses.

Maximize Your Grow Cycles.

The application of acid-alum in poultry houses needs to happen at a specific time. As poultry growers know, an empty house is a drain on resources. The more quickly the house is filled the better the return on investment. Houff Corporation works closely with local growers to schedule our ammonia control services and prevent delays between flocks. Our team of professionals will work with you to customize the application of ammonia control products in your poultry houses.

Custom Acid-Alum Application Saves You Time And Resources.

Our custom acid-alum application processes can be an important component of your business. Our proprietary equipment is designed to maximize efficiency by applying the product quickly and at the proper rate. You won’t pay for extra product or labor due to inefficient equipment.

We Share Your Goal To Grow.

The Houff family has been an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley farming community for generations. The strength of our business lies in our understanding of the community in which we work, both the people and the agricultural industry. Our full service agronomy professionals provide comprehensive crop management and nutrient management services along with many other services.

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For Your Ammonia Control Needs?