Houff Corporation Treats Your Seed, Protecting Your Investment.

Treating seeds prior to planting is an effective way to protect your investment. By treating the seeds ahead of time, you won’t need to depend as heavily on field application of fungicides and pesticides. Houff Corporation uses their precision seed treater to apply fungicide, inoculants, pesticides, and biological growth enhancers that help to protect your investment and increase your yields. These seed treatments are applied in 45 unit bulk boxes. Pioneer’s seed treatments are developed to complement and enhance Pioneer seed, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a profitable investment. Our nutrient management services will expand upon this treatment, providing the necessary liquid or dry fertilizer application to ensure a productive crop. This service is available to local retail clients and on a wholesale level to clients out of the area in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Custom Seed Treatment Services Give You Control.

When it comes to seed treatment, flexibility is key. Avoid locking into seed treatment packages containing products you do not need. Houff Corporation gives you the ability to select the treatments you desire. We also provide flexibility in treatment date so you can make treatment decisions closer to your planting date.