Houff Corporation And Pioneer Partner To Distribute Premium Pioneer Seed.

Houff Corporation is pleased to distribute premium Pioneer seed, the international supplier of high-quality seeds. Pioneer takes pride in their research and development and is dedicated to fueling the success of farmers all over the world. Their pursuit of high quality, high yield seed is consistent with Houff Corporation’s pursuit of high quality products and services delivered with superior customer relations. It’s a natural partnership between two companies who are leaders in helping farmers businesses grow.

We Sell and Warehouse Pioneer Seed

Pioneer Seed Produces Thriving Crops.

The corn, soybean, alfalfa, and sorghum seeds and silage inoculants supplied by Pioneer are developed to thrive in the climate and conditions of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Pioneer has research and data that supports the development of high yield seeds for our surrounding area. Farmers enjoy healthy and productive crops using Pioneer seeds.

Trusted Representative Of Pioneer Seeds.

Pioneer depends on Houff Corporation and their logistic services to unload, warehouse and distribute Pioneer seeds to more than 60 agents in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. We are your area Pioneer representative and whether you take advantage of our comprehensive crop management or nutrient management services, you can depend on us for quality customer service.

A Business That Started On The Family Farm.

Houff Corporation was founded in the mid-1970’s when the Houff family started using specialty equipment to apply liquid fertilizer to their fields. Recognizing that other local farms might need the same services, the Houff’s started offering custom application of fertilizer in the Shenandoah Valley. Since then the range of services has expanded from custom liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer application to transloading, warehousing, third party logistics, and more. No matter the service, the mission has stayed the same: to operate with honesty and integrity in providing quality service and products in our community.

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For Quality Pioneer Seed?