Protect Your Crops With Agricultural Pesticides.

Houff Corporation understands the importance of protecting your investment. Our crop protection plans include application of agricultural pesticides. Weeds, fungi, and insects can harm the growth and development of your crops. Our pesticides are selected and applied to protect your crop from seed to harvest. Whether you require comprehensive crop management or nutrient management services or prefer to develop your own agricultural plan, pesticides are likely to play a necessary role. Whether you manage the application yourself or we apply pesticides to your fields, you can count on quality crop protection products from Houff Corporation.

Agricultural Pesticides Treatment

Protect American Values With Healthy Crops.

Crop protection products play an important role in farming and in our shared American values. These products protect plants from disease and allow us to harvest enough crops to feed a growing population. The application of pesticides keeps American food production sustainable and retail food costs down. As a family and employee owned company, each member of the Houff Corporation team is committed to maintaining these values and building upon them.

Custom Application Protects Our Environment.

The overspray of pesticides can negatively affect our environment. At Houff Corporation we use the newest technology to prevent over application and ensure your field is sprayed in a precise and efficient manner. This method protects both the farmer and the environment. Whether our pesticides are applied in conjunction with our liquid fertilizer or dry fertilizer, or separately, you can count on Houff Corporation to do it right.

Depend On A Valley Family To Treat You Right.

Houff Corporation was founded when the Houff family began using custom equipment to spray liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer on our local dairy farm. Understanding that our needs might be the same as our neighbors, we started offering custom application services to Shenandoah Valley farms. Since then our range of services has expanded from full agronomy to transloading, but our commitment to our community has not wavered. You can count on the team at Houff Corporation to provide quality service for any of your farming needs.

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For Agricultural Pesticides?